Gigwatch is an initiative that examines the gig economy and tears apart the myths that surround it.

We’re consisted of young people from different part of civil society that want to see a change in the development in society right now, where the gig economy broadens out to more and more industries.

It’s a development that means a gigification of the entire job market. It means that, on one hand, that new gig companies overtake the market, but also that companies that used to offer traditional employments instead choose to use precarious methods of employment and working conditions. If you’re not already working within the gig economy there’s a risk that you may do so soon, unless we do something about it now.

In countries like the U.S.A, Great Britain, and Germany, more and more people question how positive the hyped gig economy actually is. Demands are being made towards guaranteed working hours, more security, and to be recognized as employees. In Sweden, in contrast, it’s very quiet. We want to change this.