GigWatch is a Swedish initiative that examines the gig economy to dispel the myths that surround it. We are a non-partisan and non-profit group without external funding, whose members all share an experience of growing up and working in a society with ever-decreasing security in the labor market. The gig economy is the latest manifestation of this development, and its spread to more and more industries means that we see it as necessary to demand a change.

The spread of the gig economy means a gigification of the entire labor market. It means on the one hand that new gig companies are taking over the market, and on the other hand that companies that have previously offered traditional jobs choose to use more uncertain forms of employment and working conditions. If you do not already work in the gig economy, there is a risk that you will do so in the near future if we do not do something about it now.

In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, more and more people are beginning to question how positive the gig economy really is. People are beginning to demand guaranteed hours, greater security and the right be recognized as an employee. In Sweden it is much quieter. We want to change that. Do you want to get involved? Here you can read more about how to do it.

Here we have collected texts, organizations and other sources that we think write and do good things about the gig economy, and that we have used in our work.

Here we have collected our own material in the form of flyers, booklets and study circles that you can print and read yourself, or hand out to spread our message.