is a Swedish company founded in 2014 that through their website and app delivers food via bike, moped, or car. It works by having different restaurants connect to the website and in turn couriers from or subcontracted firms deliver the food. The company is based in Lund and is mainly based in southern Sweden.

Their advertisements claim that their couriers can make up to “200 swedish crowns (sek) per hour, and 130 sek per hour on a normal day.” In a report from 2018 in the newspaper Transportarbetaren it’s reported that the wage is 100 sek per hour. Another report from the same newspaper in 2019 the wage is reported to be on provision, 50 sek per delivery. The 50 sek are supposed to also cover fees and taxes, and in the end the driver may not get more than 20-25 sek per delivery.

When P4 Sjuhärad in the beginning of 2019 examined the company’s activity in Borås a couple of misdemeanors were discovered; under-the-table employment, low wages, and poor working conditions. Similar misdemeanors have been brought to light previously when the company has been active in Norrköping and in Umeå. has at those times put the entire blame on their subcontracted firms.

The brand belongs to the company RestaurangOnline Sverige that was founded by Samir Bachkami, Marcus Gullin, and Henrik Jönsson. Since spring of 2019 has been owned by the german company Delivery Hero, that is also the owner of Foodora and Onlinepizza. Delivery Hero is in turn owned by the German venture capitalist corporation Rocket Internet. One of the founder of, Samir Bachkami, is today the CEO of the Swedish department of Delivery Hero.