Taskrunner is a Swedish company with a similar concept to the American Taskrabbit. Private individuals post tasks that they want help with (garbage collecting, wall-painting, etc) and users in the app can then apply for any task. It’s free to post the ads. The Ad-poster can then choose who to hire from a couple of parameters, like previous grading, pay, and how they sell themselves.

The function “bid freely” exists, wherein “runners” (the workers) can bid under each other for the pay. The “runners” are treated as self-employed by the app, even though it takes a 15% cut of every payment. The following is how the founder describes the idea:

“If you ask a craftsman to screw together IKEA-furniture or to drill a TV onto your wall, they will either not be interested, or they will demand a dream sum for the work. It shouldn’t be like that.”

Robin Szekely, founder of Taskrunner

There are a lot of reports of wage-dumping amongst wall-painters, plumbers, ad-dispensers, repairmen, etc. The company has received over 15 million swedish crowns by investors the last few years. At the moment they are working together with Plantagen when it comes to “on demand” gardening tasks. Taskrunner also offers their “runners” to companies that don’t want to hire their own staff.